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Coquitlam Roofing


The City of Coquitlam, British Columbia is one of the most vibrant and liveable cities in the greater Vancouver area. It combines exciting business opportunities with rich natural settings that make it one of the most attractive places to live in North America.

When homeowners in Coquitlam require roofing services there is one name they trust. And that Coquitlam roofing company is MPG Roofing. This highly professional company has been in the Coquitlam roofing business since the early 1980s, which is a testament to the ongoing quality of their work.

They’ve stood the test of time because their customers have come to count on their reliability and their fine workmanship in Coquitlam roofing. Residents of this community know that when they have work done by MPG the work is guaranteed and that the company behind the guarantee is going to be there in the years ahead.

Whether it is Coquitlam roofing repairs that you require or whether you are looking to have a completely new roof installed, MPG Roofing has the expertise and the experienced roofers to do the job quickly and efficiently. And you know that when you receive an estimate from MPG there won’t be any surprises after the work is done. No hidden charges will drive up the cost of your Coquitlam roofing project.

MPG Roofing serves Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. It uses only the best quality materials for the work it does and it will always stand behind that work.

This Coquitlam roofing company offers a range of services that include roof maintenance. Proper maintenance can help avoid considerable problems later on. MPG’s roofing experts always install their roofs to last, and they ensure they continue to do their job for many years.